flipflip's DiskStation Stuff

Hacking, modding and bricking.


  • Hardware – An overview of all DiskStation models and more (PCB pictures, RS232 interface).
  • Pictures – Pictures of the PCB of several DiskStation models.
  • DS-106 Series – Detailed specifications and software hacks (bootloader, Linux).
  • DS-107+ – Detailed specifications and more.
  • Software – Additional software for the power user.
  • Hacks – Various hacks for DiskStations.
  • Toolchains – Toolchains to compile your own stuff.
  • Bookmarks – Bookmarks (a.k.a. links).
  • Miscellaneous – Mainly old (obsolete) stuff.
  • .pat Files – For master hackers only.
  • RS232 – TTL<->RS232 interface for DiskStations (and other hardware) using a MAX232.

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Please note that these downloads and instructions are provided as is because some people asked for it.

You may easily brick your DiskStation if you don’t know what you are doing.

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