SSODS Hardware

On what hardware does it run?

There are different flavours of SSODS. They differ in the hardware they support. A 500 MHz arm CPU with 128 MB RAM will be just enough to run Squeezebox Server. 256 MB and some more MHz are recommended. See the forums (links here) for discussions and other’s opinions. Packages for the following platforms are built and are available for download on this site.

Other platforms previously supported (ppc, oldarm) are considered legacy and no packages are built by me anymore. You have, however, the possibility to build the SSODS package yourself. See the FAQ for some hints on this. Please understand that I can only provide very limited (read: no) support (see also support).

The following list shows which hardware should be able different versions of SSODS. Note that different versions of Squeezbox Server require a different version of SSODS. E.g. if you want to run the latest Squeezebox Server, which may be required for the latest player hardware, you’ll most likely need the latest SSODS.

Note: YMMV, errors excepted and that it is far from complete (it probably lacks everything that came out in 2009 and later).

If you don’t know what CPU your system uses you can use the following command to find out (in a telnet/ssh session on your NAS):

uname -m

It’ll say something like arm5tel (→ arm version of SSODS), i686 (→ i686 version of SSODS), …

The following command gives even more info on the CPU:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Furthermore, the following commands give information on the available and used memory:

cat /proc/meminfo