SSODS Screenshots



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Installation of SSODS via DiskStation Manager (DSM)

Login to the DSM.
Select the SSODS .pat file and click OK.
Wait until the .pat file has been transferred.
Wait until the .pat has been verified.
Watch the installation running.
99% (=completely) finished installing.
99% (=completely) finished installing.

Installation of SqueezeCenter (SC) in SSODS

The SSODS main screen at
SqueezeCenter installation instructions.
SqueezeCenter tar ball selection.
SqueezeCenter tar ball extraction.
The SSODS main screen with SqueezeCenter installed.

Configuration of SSODS

SSODS settings.
SSODS settings.
SSODS settings.
Locales generated successfully.

Starting SqueezeCenter in SSODS

SSODS status page (SqueezeCenter not running).
SqueezeCenter started.
SSODS status page (SqueezeCenter running).
Server log after SqueezeCenter has been started.

SSODS tools and help

SSODS tools.
SSODS help.

SqueezeCenter (initial) configuration

SqueezeCenter configuration step 1.
SqueezeCenter configuration step 2.
SqueezeCenter configuration step 3.
SqueezeCenter configuration step 4.
SqueezeCenter configuration step 5.
SqueezeCenter configuration step 6.

SqueezeCenter scanning (“freeing”) the music library

SqueezeCenter scanning (starts to scan automatically).
SSODS status page while scanning.

Yay! We’re playing music!

SqueezeCenter playing music. Yay!