SSODS Support

Support? Are you kidding?

The documentation included with Squeezebox Server (SBS) is available through its web interface. The wiki and the F.A.Q. (links see below) explain many common questions in detail. Keep in mind, that, in general, everything that applies for SBS on Linux also goes for SSODS.

Furthermore, you are welcome to use the forums (link see below). Please do not email me about issues with SSODS. Use the forums, so everybody can comment, help and learn. However, a short notice to me using the forum’s message facility about a new thread is appreciated. There are dozens of threads covering SSODS/SSOTS/SSOEZ and SBS on NAS in general (mainly in the section 3rd party hardware). Use the search facility. Most relevant threads include the keyword SSODS somewhere. Remember that the forum is indexed by most search engines. Therefore, a search using Google can produce more valuable results than crummy forum search engines. Using Google, add to the query in order to limit the search to a forums website.

There is usually a good atmosphere in the forums. You will not get these useless use the search facility answers (nowadays you do, but there were times where you didn’t… ). Do not hesitate to ask questions if you cannot find the answer. However, please be specific about the details of your installation (the minimum specifications you must give include the DS model, the firmware version, the SSODS release and the SBS version) and ask precise questions in full sentences. Many thanks.

Please note that Bugzilla at [] is not the right place to post about bugs in SSODS (because most bugs you’ll see running SBS on SSODS are in fact SSODS bugs and not SS bugs).

Please use the dedicated hardware forums for questions not related to SBS (links see below).

The output of the SSODS System Information routine (under Tools) contains valuable information to help solving a problem with SSODS. Consider attaching it to your enquiry.

List of Internet Resources related to SSODS: