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On this web site you will find various stuff produced by me. Do not expect too much and better do not believe anything written there. I try to put everything in English. But since my mother tongue is (Swiss-) German some parts will be in German.

Of course, I do not take any responsibility for the content of external pages reached through links on this site. You may land at pages that contain real nasty stuff when you click any of those links. Do not click any of the links! You have been warned. For your convenience most of the links to external sites are marked like this (one of the less nasty examples that is probably mostly harmless to click).

Furthermore, the usual disclaimer and warranty applies for this site. All stuff I made, coded, thought out and wrote myself (unless stated otherwise). Got it? If not, LEAVE NOW!

Comments or suggestions are always welcome. I understand German, English and French. You can email me (see below).

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