Wintec WSG-1000 / Navilock NL-120GR GPS Logger Download Utility For Linux. In Perl, of course.


This is a script to manage a Wintec WGS-1000 (“G-Trender”) a.k.a. Navilock NL-120GR (“Tr@cksketch”) GPS receiver / logger.

It is a Perl program that runs in Linux and in Windows (Strawberry Perl). However, the latter is largely untested. YMMV.



The script requires Perl with Device::SerialPort (should also work on Windoze using Win32::SerialPort), GD, Date::Time, Time::Hires and File::Slurp.

On the One and Only Linux Distribution (and its friends) the following command should make you ready to go: sudo aptitude install libdevice-serialport-perl libgd-gd2-perl libdatetime-perl libtime-hires-perl libfile-slurp-perl

The script has built-in documentation and help using POD. Say ./wintectool --man to read it.

It is Free Software under the Artistic License. See the documentation for details.


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