A SlimServer plugin is a SlimServer plugin which provides a way to skip forward and backwards in a song. I use it as a replacement for the (in my opinion unusable) fast forward and rewind functionality of mp3 players. The plugin has no menus. It is configured through button mappings. This is what I use (in SlimServer/IR/

1 = modefunction_PLUGIN.Skipper->skip_m10
3 = modefunction_PLUGIN.Skipper->skip_p10
4 = modefunction_PLUGIN.Skipper->skip_m30
6 = modefunction_PLUGIN.Skipper->skip_p30

Now I can press 3 to skip 10 seconds forward in the song. It calls the routine Plugins::Skipper:skip with the parameter p10. p10 means plus 10 seconds.

Or I can press 4 to skip 30 seconds backwards. skip_m30, i.e. skip minus 30 seconds.

N.B. The file has to be enabled for each player (in Player Settings/Remote or so). Skipping is not accurate. Skipping will also make the time display (played or remaining time) show inaccurate values.